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Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day
Taylor County Ag Service Center, 925 Donald Street, Medford WI
Saturday, May 4, 2019

Come Visit With A Vulture! An educator from Raptor Education Group Inc. (REGI) will give a presentation with a live vulture, as well as hawks and/or owls. You won't want to miss this event - programs at 10 and 11:15 am. (seating limited)

International Migratory Bird Day

People of all ages are invited to come for all or part of the events to celebrate the Spring return of the birds we all love to see and hear. Admission is free.

The Taylor County Sportsmen Club has supplied makings for Bluebird houses that participants construct under guidance of a bird club member. There are also Oriole feeders to make and take.

The Chequamegon Bird Club has received a lot of generous support from community organizations and agencies, which enabled the event to be totally free to the public.

The birds that spend the winter in the southern United States, Central America, and South America return north in the spring. Some spend the rest of the spring and summer right here in Central Wisconsin, while others only stop for a brief visit to rest as they head to Canada and points north.

Taylor County, Wisconsin, is a great place to see and enjoy birds. It was named a "Bird City" in 2011.

About World Migratory Bird Day

EFTA International Migratory Bird Day World Migratory Bird Day Poster

World Migratory Bird Day (originally named International Migratory Bird Day - IMBD) is the brainchild of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC). WMBD is the only international education program that highlights and celebrates the migration of nearly 350 species of migratory birds between nesting habitats in North America and non-breeding grounds in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Each year WMBD explores a different aspect of migratory birds and their conservation. For further information you can visit the WMBD web site at

Created in 1993, IMBD is now hosted at over 500 sites throughout the Western Hemisphere, reaching hundreds of thousands of youth and adults. In 2018 the name was changed to World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)

WMBD celebrates the ways we can help to protect birds every day of the year through actions, stories, and art. The education campaign is changing and growing. After 25 years, International Migratory Bird Day becomes World Migratory Bird Day, joining with partners across the globe to unify our voices for bird conservation. Hundreds of species of birds, including many once-common songbirds are declining in the United States. There are things everyone can do to help protect birds and their habitats - from landscaping for birds to keeping cats indoors, as well as providing nesting boxes and feeders for birds.

The Chequamegon Bird Club (C.B.C.) is hosting the Migratory Bird Day at the the Taylor County Ag Service Center and adjacent Campus Woods. The morning activities are geared for families and no skill level is required to participate. Festivities begin with a 6:30 am birding walk and continued throughout the morning, including two presentations by REGI (Raptor Education Group, Inc) with live birds including a Turkey Vulture. Since space is limited in the theater, there will be 2 progams at 10 am an 11:15 am to allow everyone a chance to see the birds! Come, learn and enjoy!

Event Schedule for Migratory Bird Day - Taylor County

Activities are planned for all ages from 6:30 a.m. - noon. Many of the activities take place outdoors. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and nature trails. If you have binoculars and a bird identification book, bring them along to make viewing and identification easier. If you don't have any, Club members can share as we walk along the trail.

Morning Activities
6:30 a.m. Guided Early Bird Watching Walk - learn to identify the birds we see and hear Outdoor
8:00 a.m. Guided Wildflower Walk and I.D. Birds seen on the Walk - lead by Ann Dassow from the National Forest Service Outdoor
10:00 a.m. REGI Live Birds program - Visit with Hector (the live vulture) and his raptor friends
Presentation by Raptor Education Group, Inc. from Antigo, WI
at the Taylor County Ag Center
11:15 a.m. Visit with Hector (the live vulture) and his raptor friends - Presentation by Raptor Education Group, Inc. from Antigo, WI at the Taylor County Ag Center

Ongoing Activities throughout the morning:

  Many thanks to these organizations who sponsor the event:

     * Chequamegon Bird Club
     * Friends of Downtown Medford
     * Taylor County Sportsman's Club
     * County Market - Medford
     * US Forest Service

Map to Taylor County Ag Center
925 Donald Street
Medford, WI 54451

Photos of 2018 Bird Day Activites at Perkinstown Winter Sports Area

The beautiful weather added to the enjoyment of wildflowers and birds on the morning walks. Following the walks, an educator from Raptor Education Group, Inc. talked of their efforts to save injured birds at REGI in Antigo, WI.

Bird Walk Bird Walk Bird Walk REGI educator with Vulture

Photos of 2016 Bird Day Activites at Perkinstown Winter Sports Area

Even the snow didn't dampen the fun! When a brief break in the clouds let the sun burst through, Ann celebrated!

Bird Walk in the Snow Bird Walk in the Sun

REGI (Raptor Education Group, Inc.) brought five birds (Turkey Vulture, American Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, Northern Saw-whet Owl, and Great Horned Owl) and did a great presentation.

REGI educator with live Turkey Vulture American Kestrel and Peregrine Falcon with handlers
Bluebird House Construction

Kurt Staab helps a young girl and her grandmother build a Bluebird Box while an interested friend watches.

Previous Year Photos:

Pam Resech from Mead Wildlife Area gave a presentation about birds. She brought along a rescued Eastern Screech-Owl that is now used for education purposes. In the second picture, a guest showed off a pair of "owly" glasses.

Eastern Screech Owl Young person wearing bird glasses
Ovenbird seen during IMBD bird walk

This Ovenbird was seen and photographed during the early morning bird walk in the woods at the Perkinstown Winter Sports Area.

Family viewing waterfowl from dock

A family enjoys the view across Chequamegon Waters during one of the stops taken on the bus tour of the Miller Dam Lake area.

Youngsters observing an Eastern Screech-Owl Presenter with Eastern Screech-Owl Presenter with Eastern Screech-Owl Eastern Screech-Owl sitting on perch
Bird City banner over fireplace at IMBD event

Taylor County, Wisconsin is a designated "Bird City".
The banner was displayed at the International Migratory Bird Day event.