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CBC Bird Sightings

At each monthly meeting Chequamegon Bird Club members turn in their observation sheets that list the birds they have seen within the Wisconsin borders since the last meeting.

You can view past months' sightings by selecting a month and year below.

If you'd like to keep a personal record of sightings, you are welcome to print out the 2 page M.S. Word version of the Bird Checklist for your own use. If you don't have M.S. Word, you can download the free M.S. Word Reader here.

If you think you may have spotted a rare or unusual bird we would like to hear about it. Please e-mail us at:

Our meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month so when selecting a month of bird sightings to search for (below), keep in mind that they might also include sightings that took place after the 3rd Monday of the previous month. (For example, sightings for the month of February might also include birds seen the last few days of the month of January.)

Select a Month and Year:
(Note: lst observations start in Nov. 2003)

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Month: Year:

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