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CBC Constitution Articles

Article I - Name
The organization shall be known as the Chequamegon Bird Club, LTD.
Article II - Purpose
The purpose shall be to promote the study of birds, their habits, food and habitat requirements, to promote human appreciation of birds and other forms of the natural world, to contribute to general knowledge relating to the distribution of birds in North Central Wisconsin and to promote the care and protection of birds in their natural environment.
Article III - Membership
Any person who is interested in the purposes and objectives of this club is eligible for membership. Membership dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
Article IV - Meetings
Article V - Executive Committee
Article VI - Officers
Article VII - Nominating Committee
Article VII - Amendments
The Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any meeting of the club, provided, however, that notice of such proposed amendments be mailed to each member of the club at his/her last known address at least fifteen (15) days before said meeting.
Projects Committee

This committee is to encourage applications for financial support or cost sharing of special projects by both club members and the general public.

The main goal of the committee is: To further the general education, appreciation and conservation of birds and nature.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Review all applications.
    • a. Using information of application form
    • b. Meet with people if necessary
  2. Approve funds or deny requests.
    • a. Amounts approved for under $50 may be authorized by the committee without a general club vote
    • b. Unanimous decision of the committee required
  3. Make recommendations to club regarding applications.
    • Amounts over $50 are to be presented to the club for review and approval
    • b. Two-thirds majority of committee required to bring to club for approval
  4. Committee to require follow-up report of recipient.

The officers are to determine the availability of the funds each year. In the event funds are limited or unavailable, requests will be rejected or reduced on that basis.

A written report should be filed for the application either by the individual or group requesting funds or by someone on the behalf of someone else. Review of the application should be based on the answers to the questions below:

Contact Us:

We welcome your questions and comments.
You can contact C.B.C. by e-mail at:

C.B.C. President - Scott Stalheim -
C.B.C. Vice President - Autumn Lahner -
C.B.C. Treasurer - Betty Danen -
C.B.C. Secretary - Mary Urban -
C.B.C. "Chirps" Editor - Jim Bragg -
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